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Clean Tech, Offering 24 Hour Coast to Coast Catastrophic Response


Clean Tech offers Custom Janitorial Services, 24 Hour Emergency Disaster Restoration and a Surgical Cleaning Division catering to Hospitals, Clinics, and Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Clean Tech will take a consultative approach to review and uncover the needs and goals of your facility and formulate a service plan unique to your property. Clean Tech proudly offers Janitorial and Disaster services for all of Kansas and a Catastrophe Response Team capable of reaching across the United States to assist in major flooding and hurricanes.

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Via Christi Clinic has been a customer of Clean Tech for the last seven years. We have been very satisfied with the quality of service and the attention to detail that Clean Tech provides on a daily basis. Clean Tech’s staff is very knowledgeable and understands the importance of maintaining a clean environment necessary in our health care setting. The local ownership and the oversight provided makes a tremendous difference in the product we receive. We are very pleased with our relationship with Clean Tech.

-Via Christi Clinic